🎬 The Movie Connection: Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela 🎬

Ram-Leela AKA The Indian take on Romeo and Juliet. Directed by the famous Sanjay Leela Bhansali, with the very hot Ranveer Singh, as our Romeo, and the stunning Deepika Padukone, as our Juliet. What a team, what a team! A very talented team, giving us fans all a very good movie, amazing songs, and of course a lot of shirtless Ranveer Singh scenes! 😍

ranveer singh.gif

Just to give a quick synopsis of the film: based in the Gujarati village of Ranjaar, two clans take ownership of each half of the village. In the blue corner, we have the….. Rajadi’s (Ram’s People) and in the red corner we have … the Sanera’s (Leela’s People)… Ding Ding Ding! Yeah as you can imagine, living in this village is like living in the boxing ring – the feud between these two families, after so many years, comes to an end with Ram and Leela. And yes, my very bright lil munchkins, you are right… it comes to an end, with Ram and Leela’s last breath.

So, this made me think. Why is it that Ram and Leela had to die before peace was restored in Ranjaar? Why were there losses? Why couldn’t peace be negotiated in the first instance? Was it because of pride? Yes. Pride. Ego. These selfish emotions, turning even the most angelic people on earth into demons… but I’m not here to discuss serious and sensitive topics like that… not in this blog anyways LOL 😅 What I wanted to do, was tell you about what Ram-Leela has taught us instead. Now you’d think: “What can the Indian version of Shakespeare teach us? It’s all irrelevant, out of date stuff”, and you’re partially right. There are some out of date stuff, and considering we are evolving and developing rapidly, some of the connotations of Shakespeare, doesn’t apply to us these days; that being said, there are something’s which never change, and I’m going to put that into context for you now, through the use of some of my favourite quotes in the film:

Quote #1:

“Green hai angoor, kele ka rang peela hai…Kehdo saari duniya se, Ram ki Leela hai”

(Translation: Grapes are green, bananas are yellow…tell the whole world that Leela is for Ram)

ranveer deepika.jpg

Ohkayy, so you’re probably thinking, this brown girl’s nuts! What could grapes and bananas teach her about life! Well, it’s not the fruits that are teaching me the lesson here, but how it’s been used instead. From ‘Roses are red, violets are blue, my love for you is true’, we are now expressing love using fruits. How funny? 😂 I got to say, I actually cracked up hearing this dialogue. I mean it’s such a very interesting concept, using fruits, to simply flirt with someone. Nowadays, I’m pretty sure, lads you’re gonna get funny looks if you go up to a girl and say that same line, likewise with the ladies… but I suppose the timing is key, when it comes to flirting, so you might just be let off the hook, if you’re lucky. Either way, I would advise strongly against the use of such stupid and out of context pick-up lines. I feel like youngsters of our era are now going to be using the most absurd pick-up lines; I can just imagine a 15 year old, thinking he’s cool, casually walk up to a girl and be like: “ My toothpaste is white, my mouthwash is blue, let’s link up, me and you!”… Kill me now, p-l-e-a-s-e-! 😰🙊


Quote #2:

“Peeche se who lete hai… jinke paas saamne se lene ka hathyar nahi hota hai”

(Translation: People who attack from behind… don’t have the weapons to attack from the front)

Ranveer-deepika-ramleela.pngThis is kinda like self-explanatory. People who attack from behind are cowards. They honestly are. Like why? Why can’t you just man up, and face your problem? You’re just putting yourself down by acting on your problem from behind than in front, if that made sense? There have been so many instances where I’ve seen people close to me get hurt by people who you’d think are faithful to them. It’s not even just people who are close to you that stab you from behind; you see so many bad happenings taking place where people have no connection to the person hurting you at all. This dialogue just encourages you to stay strong! Be strong, strong like the wind… not a weak gust of air, but more like a 70mph wind howling down your road… be persistent in never letting your guard down, persistent like all those bubble you blow, but fly away quickly before get a chance to pop them; they almost like run away from you! Bloody rascals! Hahahaa 😝

Quote #3:

“Saala maut ka dhanda karte zindagi ki keemat bhool gaye hai hum log” hai”

(Translation: Being in the business of death, we have forgotten the value of life)

Living in a brown family means you are automatically entered in this competition, which tries to encourage you to do well in life, but really just puts you down, and hate yourself for not being good enough. The worst part is, there’s no way of withdrawing yourself from this competition, no exits whatsoever. The funny part is, some of us brown kids, don’t even realise we’re in this heavy competition or we don’t even know that our own cousins, family friends and whoever else are competing against us! That’s the shocking part! This dialogue just teaches our parents and elders that they forget to let their children live their lives… yeah some serious case of dementia here! It also teaches us, kids, that we don’t necessarily know how to enjoy our lives because we’re constantly doing things to not bring shame to the family by going extra classes, learning instruments, and all sorts. I think we all forget that we all have the right to live our lives the way we want to, regardless of what background you’re from, regaradless of what others think of you. Don’t be a victim of living a life as someone who you’re not!

Anyways, this blog post is long enough as it is, so I’m gonna stop here. Hope you found this interesting and funny. Comment below, and tell me what you think, if anyone has time for that. For those who haven’t seen this movie yet, I strongly urge you to watch it! It’s such a beautiful film, with amazing backgrounds, fashion, dance; the type of movie that shows a true Indian village at its brightest, and of course at its worst too.

Sha, signing off. Watch out for more posts coming soon. x



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