Being Brown, Living Brown: An Intro

Namaste Ji’s! 🙏 Aap Sab Kaise Hain? (Translation: How are you all?) Hope you’re all doing great!

So, I was thinking what should my first ‘official’ blog post be about and here I am currently buzzing like a bee (Look at that simile! Did my English Teacher proud! Wait, it is a simile right? Not a metaphor… And if anyone had any doubts there, I’ll just confirm now… it’s a simile! Thought I’d give you a lil English test Lol So how many of you’s failed that? 🙈 🙉 🙊 Just joking 😅) But getting back to where I left… So yes, having so many things in mind, it was only fair that I start this blog talking about what it means living in a brown house… And no… not literally a brown painted house, but living with a very brown family…

Firstly, to actually understand what it is like living in a brown family, you first need to picture the scenario I am going to paint out to you, right now. So imagine, you’re a lion, like Marty from Madagascar! A cool lion, who was born in the wild, where you could be who you want to be and no one questioned you… One bright sunny day.. No.. actually.. One very gloomy day, the clouds covering the bright sun; thunder striking; rain, from droplets, gradually getting bigger and heavier… you get captured by humans, and get taken away from your freedom and are raised the way they choose… Your destiny lies in their hands. What a scenario, huh? 😱 This is the exact same situation a lot of brown girls face, across the world; their lives being controlled by their families, society but not by themselves.

A typical day for a brown girl goes something like this: wakeup, get ready, breakfast – if you don’t want your breakfast, well, what can I say? It will get forced down, with your ma saying something like ‘Breakfast important! If you don’t eat, Betty, you no study? No food, no brain; no brain, no good grades; no good grades, life end! Finish, Finish!’ – Just imagine that being said in a strong Indian accent, and that’s how most brown Mummies are. After breakfast, you go to school/college/uni; if you’re lucky, you get to commute on your ones, but if your family is hella strict, well what can I say? Every morning drive to school and back home, will be with Papa Ji! 😌 You then ‘study’(You studying is what your parents think, but what you’re doing, is far from studying), till dinner, then it’s bed time. Day over. Oh yeah, I forgot the showers and the chores… Oops! Add that in to the day too!

The day just keeps repeating… An unstoppable repetition, depicting the lives of many brown girls. On top of this, we have restrictions.🚫 And when I mean restrictions, I mean RESTRICTIONS! ❌ Like, what a life it must be if you can’t go out with your friends! Or have sleepovers! I really do feel sorry for those girls – they haven’t lived their life, not even a tinsy winsy bit! It sooo bad that they can’t even ask to go out, forget nightlife, I’m talking about going shopping with friends, during broad day light!

Discipline! Ahh this is a major one! So is the whole topic about Boys! I’ll write a whole new blog post on each of these topics, soon! So keep a look out! They’ll feature some really funny stories! Hahaa 😝

Ohkayyy, so I could carry on.. but this was just supposed to be like an introduction.. and it’s one hell of an intro, I know! Hope you found this blog interesting, but more importantly funny! This wasn’t me trying to say that being brown is just bad! I’m trying to provide a platform for girls, brown girls, who are in similar situations, to see that there are other girls in similar situations, and to take it lightly! The last thing we want is suicides, run-aways and all sorts!

I know I pointed out the negative things of being brown, but honestly, there are so many good things too! Think of all our amazing fashion wear we have, art, culture and… PARTIESSSSS!! – Yes, I’m sure as soon as I said parties, a lot of my brown readers would have though of that Uncle, who got drunk and started busting out some moves on the dance floor!! 😂😂😂 Remember all the funny moments we have, that a non-brown person won’t have! Be proud of being Brown. 😎

And on that note, this is Sha signing off! Keep watch for more blogs x



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